{Soothing Hot Packs–Cold Packs}

{Northern Cottage} HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 006

I’ve been having fun whipping up these new little

HoT and CoLD PaCKS

{Northern Cottage} HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 030

so comforting and cozy and just plain wonderful

we use them here at the cottage …. all.the.time

Uses:  it is simply wonderful to heat up a few and head to bed (a wonderful way to take the chill off) * awesome for soothing headaches * cooling boo-boos (not just for the kiddos…even us grown-ups get boo-boos…though my hubby is less likely to call it that!) * tired muscles after a workout (or shoveling snow perhaps?) * cold hands or tootsies after walking the dog or playing outside, etc., etc., etc.,

{Northern Cottage} HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 038

My kiddos love to cuddle up with them while drinking hot cocoa after playing out in the snow!

I can make them unscented or with some luscious wonderful scents:
* minty fresh (smells like a wonderful cool wintery day!)

* soothing french lavender (smells JUST like the gorgeous little shops in provence/french countryside)

* lullaby powder fresh (perfect for the nursery or diaper bag to keep odors at bay)

{Northern Cottage} HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 043

I’ve made them in two styles – in the ruffle-y edge like my cozy rag quilts – so unique  or a clean crisp double-stitched edge

{Northern Cottage} HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 084

 When you order a quilt…you can have some custom made to match the fabrics chosen in your custom quilt.  How cute is that?

The lavender scented packs are so fabulous… go ahead, take yourself on a little mini-trip to the Provence region of France – so delightful!!

{Northern Cottage} Calming HoT & CoLD PaCKS! 051

 They make great little gifts on their own for teachers, neighbors, grandma and grandpa, or tucked in with a larger gift!!

{Northern Cottage} stack of CooL HoT Packs!!

Grab yours from the Shop today!

Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. These are adorable! I love your style!

  2. Oh yes! I love these little hot and cold packs. I have a couple that were given to me as gifts. One is actually just a mans white sock that's filled with rice and tied in a knot. Not nearly as cute as yours. I really like both styles and cute fabrics too!

  3. So pretty! You always pick the best fabrics! And I bet they feel great too!

  4. I found you through the block party! Love these they are so cute! My kids love having their own little packs like this, yours are so adorable. sarah@thehoneycantlist.com

  5. I found you through the Block Party! These are so cute, my kiddos love having little packs of their own just like this. Your are so adorable. Thanks for sharing. sarah@thehoneycantlist.com

  6. These are just precious! I have made hot/cold packs before, but they never looked this cute! Adorable fabrics too! Thanks for sharing at ATTBH!

  7. Found you on Wonderful Wednesday. I just love what you did. great Idea and they are so cute! :) thanks for sharing.


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