{Bacon Wrapped Cocktail Wienies}

bacon wrapped sugared wienies{NorthernCottage}

We had split pea soup for dinner the other night…many times I pop some ham but didn’t have any. So was trying to think up some kind of meat to go with it.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that these count as a side dish – would you?

little bites of Yum {NorthernCottage}


My sister made them first for me years ago but used waterchestnuts in place of the wienies little sausages.  Sounds weird but ohhhh YuM!!

One of my besties makes a similar recipe where they are pretty much like this but with a stick of butter melted and poured on before the sugar is added…it is very good too.

But I do really like my bacon crisp (not burned but crisp!)

I don’t care forfloppybacon (as named by my children – one of which like crisp and one that likes floppy– ha!)

There are loads of recipes out there with slight variations but here is how I make them:


1 package bacon (cut into thirds) – I take my kitchen scissors and just cut the block of bacon into 3 sections

1 package cocktail wienies (franks/sausages, ahem!)

1 cup brown sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Prepare a baking pan (I usually just use a 9x13 cake pan but a foil lined/sprayed cookie sheet with an edge works great too)

Now take a wienie, wrap it in a piece of bacon, skewer it with a toothpick, place in the baking dish

When you’ve got them all done- sprinkle with the brown sugar and try to keep the sugar lumped on the wienies and not just in the pan

Pop in the over for 45 – 55 minutes depending on how ‘crisp’ you like your bacon

Let cool slightly before you try to woof one down as they are very hot!  ENJoY!!!

ingredients for bacon wrapped wienies {NorthernCottage}

ready to hit the oven {NorthernCottage}


Oh and there is just not an elegant way of saying wienies…does anyone actually call them franks?   Cocktail sausage? – nah! that’s almost as bad… and I spent WAY too much time trying to determine if i goes before e… or… e before i – this seemed right.  I guess its good that I don’t write about wieners all that often! Whatever you call ‘em…these babies are


Chat soon -


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  1. My husband loves bacon, any time, anywhere! If he were to see this he would be asking me to make this! So maybe I will. Thanks for sharing the recipe and for sharing it at Sunday's Best


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