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hello my long lost friends!!  I know I’ve been a little (more than a little) quiet here on the ol’ blog lately.

I must admit that it has slid down the list of must-do’s.  I love it but it takes a backseat to spending time with ones I adore, accomplishing what needs accomplishing as well as squeezing in a tad bit of fun and laughter here and there.  I find that my ‘free time’ as of late has been sucked up with sewing and making pretty garlands and getting orders prepared and shipped out!  I’ve closed up the shop for a bit as well to keep it in balance…. I’m really enjoying working on orders already received (some really really really pretty orders for weddings and baby nurseries – sigh!!)  It amazed me how quickly the early summer production schedule filled up so fast!!  wink!  I imagine I’ll open up shop later on ready to tackle some new fun custom projects so keep your eyes open for when the SHOP opens back up!

Here’s what’s been filling our days:

♥ We’ve completed several camping trips (yay!!) There is nothing sweeter than sitting around a warm campfire on a cool night with ones ya adore!

♥  A very special roadtrip surrounded by amazing people and taking in wonderful, wonderful words and encouragement when we got there.

♥ Sewing up pretty QUILTS & GARLANDS (including several sweet wedding GUESTBOOK Quilts – I’ll show you some examples soon!!) ♥

Sweet Quilt & Garland{NorthernCottage}

♥ Cleaning, rearranging, editing, purging and still there’s more (where does all our stuff really come from?)  I’ve been doing VERY well not bringing much new stuff in (new as in new to me vintage/flea goodies) My picking days are done (or at least on hiatus) and I’m enjoying the calmness letting go of stuff is bringing.

♥ Working on completing some larger yard/home projects that I hope to be able to share with you soon!

northern cottage sauna

♥ How does the grass grow so quickly – feels like I’m forever mowing (sssshhh but don’t tell my hubs that I kinda like it – it is a weird contemplative time for me – yeah weird, I know!)  Now weed pulling is a different story – never.ending!

garden chair northern cottage

♥ My kiddos are growing even faster (I think I can seriously SEE them busting out of their shoes I just bought a few weeks ago!)  I’m savoring the moments with these special, funny, wonderful little people.


So as you can see… not leaving a lot of room for blogging.  I’m sure I’ll pop in here and there and then get back in gear later on when the summer breezes, growing grass, and school schedules kick it and leave a tad more ‘down’ time.  In the meantime, I post occasionally to FACEBOOK here and am a newbie (& loving it!) on INSTAGRAM here

Enjoying the NOW and looking forward to what’s ahead!  Are you?

Happy {EVeRYDay} y’all!!

Chat soon ♥ -


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