{Sweet Vintage Sheet Canopy}

Sweet DIY Vintage Sheet Canopy {NorthernCottage}

Did you know today is National Hammock Day….did you know there was a National Hammock Day?

In light of this….thought I’d share a lovely little spot we pulled together last week.  It’s a DIY little canopy made of stuff you probably have on hand….a hoola hoop (if you don’t have one you can get one at the dollar store!), some sheets and some twine

A BReeZY SuMMeR Canopy {NorthernCottage}

Pulling these items together creates a lovely little spot to enjoy some summer moments!

Vintage Sheet Canopy {NorthernCottage}

a perfect spot to read a book

Sweet Vintage Sheet Canopy {NorthernCottage}

Inside looking up this is your view…

View Inside a Vintage Sheet Canopy {NorthernCottage}

Of course, I layered the top with a lovely scrappy garland which you can purchase here.

Scrappy Garland {NorthernCottage}

Many a page has been turned in this little sanctuary already.  It has turned into a delightful, cozy, cocooning spot for enjoying a breezy, sunshine-y day – perfection, right?

{NorthernCottage} Breezy Vintage Sheet Canopy

As a base for the Canopy, we layered lots of different vintage sheets and quilts and pillows atop our hammock (but you could just as easily do this on the ground or even INSIDE over a bed!)

To make your own canopy, grab a hoola hoop (from the garage perhaps), fold some sheets (pretty vintage sheets if at all possible) over the top and safety pin them in place….attach some twine at the top to hang from a hook or a branch of a pretty tree…. you can finish it off by adding trim, ribbons, garlands etc to make it even prettier!!

Make Summer Memories DIY Vintage Sheet Canopy {NorthernCottage}


I’ve listed some custom PiCNiC QuiLTs and GaRLaNDs in the SHOP that you could use as a base for your own special space…..feel free to pop over and check them out here

…We also have a very portable nylon hammock that we bring camping with us and always try to set up near our campsite.  Oftentimes, we find both kids sharing the hammock relaxing, reading, snoozing – one of my very favorite sights ever!!  There is something completely lovely about a tech/gadget-free afternoon swinging away in a vintage sheet decked out hammock!

I NEED to make use of it more myself (rather than doing laundry or sweeping or ahem…blogging) and concentrate on savoring the fleeting moments of summer!

Happy summer day to you!! 

Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. OH MY! You have stole my heart with this project!!!!!!! It's fabulous and oh so pretty and festive!!!! Totally going to have to copy you on this one!

  2. that's so pretty and creative! I have a thunbergia / sunflower vine too! Just love them! :)

  3. This is adorable!
    It looks so easy too... I'm sure we'll be seeing this copied all over the place!
    saw that you were featured at CLH today...
    and made my way over. :)

  4. What a dreamy little spot you've created!


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