{Wedding Guestbook Quilts}

Wedding Guestbook QUILT {NorthernCottage}

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing and tying and ruffling here at the cottage as of late. 

One of my shop items that has been getting a lot of attention has been the very special WeDDiNG GueSTBooK QuiLTS 

They are a very unique alternative to a traditional Guestbook. 

When you place your order, we work together to select the perfect fabrics to coordinate with YOUR wedding and home décor.  Then I cut your quilt pieces and then send them your way to hold until your special day (along with special fabric marking pens).

{NorthernCottage} special day quilt with pretty frame

Once your big day arrives, your guests leave signatures or special love notes ♥!! 

wedding guestbook quilt ready for guests to leave their love notes {NorthernCottage}wedding guestbook quilt sign {NorthernCottage}wedding guestbook quilt signing {NorthernCottage}

wedding guestbook quilt pieces {NorthernCottage}

BaRN WeDDiNG - Northern Cottage Quilt Guestbook Sign

Then you send it all back to me here at the cottage & I get to sew them up into a one-of-a-kind, amazing QUILT that will be a cherished keepsake…which you can have on display & cuddle up with to remember your special day ANYTIME!  These special rag quilts are entirely meant to be well-loved and used (not hidden away)!!

Guestbook QUILTS {NorthernCottage}

The picture below shows the ReVeRSiBLe Quilt Backing option where designer fabrics are used on both sides of the quilt squares allowing double the squares to sign and results in a gorgeous top and back of the quilt (the top being the ruffle-y, wonderful rag quilt top we all adore ♥ and the back being more like a traditional quilt with smooth seams)

Ruffle Rag Quilt Backing {NorthernCottage}

For us old married couples, really, when was the last time you looked at your old wedding guestbook – ummm…ever?  With this option – you get to feel the love of that day literally surrounding you for years to come!!

This makes the most fantastic, special gift!!  It doesn’t have to be just for weddings, either!!  It has been ordered for:

♥ weddings (of course) – signed by all guests or just the wedding party or family or extra close friends! 
♥ one for the bride & one for the groom to sign as a gift to each other with their thoughts/feelings of the day to be forever remembered! ♥
♥ bridal showers
♥ baby showers
♥ new baby crib bedding
♥ retirement gifts
classroom teacher gifts (where all the little kiddos sign the squares (oooh how cute!)
♥ family reunions
♥ anniversary gifts (think 25th or 50th wedding anniversary – how special!)
♥ special present from all the grandchildren to a special grandma or grandpa
♥ housewarming

You’re invited to pop over to the shop to explore and order a Special Day Guestbook Quilt for your next SPeCiaL DaY!!


Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. I just posted on my blog about my wedding guestbook quilt... it's a little different but I thought you might like to see it! Such a fun idea! http://www.231blog.com/2014/07/the-best-wedding-gift-ever-handmade.html


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