{Custom Caramel Apples Bowls}


Caramel Apple Bowls {NorthernCottage}

Autumn is setting in!  Isn’t it funny how our food and eating changes with the seasons?  We really like caramel apples around here but they are so messy and so much work and after you’re done eating the outside layer, ehhh – what’s the point?!

Caramel Apple Sundaes yum {NorthernCottage}

So…we create them our own way…

Caramel Apple Sundaes {NorthernCottage}

We cut up apples into wedges or bite sized pieces, drizzle with caramel and then pop on the toppings of our choice.  Usually half an apple (fyi…honeycrips are our FaV!!) is enough for each person – just a nice little treat.

Of course, ya have to make the toppings cute, right?

Why NOT place them in a vintage muffin tin?  A cute display makes them all the yummier!!  It turned out to be a very nice little after school snack!!  bit hit with the kiddos!

{NorthernCottage} Caramel Apples and more!!

This round we offered mini chocolate chips, heath bits, chopped pecans, shredded coconut (you could also use crushed up pretzels, mini m&m’s, oreo bits, peanut butter chips, etc etc etc)  You could even add ice cream or whipped cream to the mix (if ya really really wanted to) Really the possibilities are endless and each person can make their own concoction to suit their mood & tastebuds!  YuM!!

Individual Caramel Apple Bites {NorthernCottage}

Caramel Apple Bar {NorthernCottage}

HaPPY FaLL y’all!!

Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. These sound lush, will be giving them a go at the weekend, thanks for sharing


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