{New Sewing Machine at the Northern Cottage!}

I’m sooooo happy to share that I’ve bitten the bullet & invested in a new sewing machine!  I did a LoT of research & test-driving and trying things out and questioning before making my final decision.  I ended up getting a Janome Memory Craft 6600P

janome mc6600p

I’ve been sewing on a very entry-level machine (a pretty basic Singer model which I think I got at Target or Walmart years ago before I even knew how to thread a machine)  Hundreds of quilts have been made on that trusty machine.  It worked… it got me through – it taught me well but with the amount of sewing I do, I was on the lookout for what fits me now.   To put it in a way my hubby would understand, I translated using car language… I told him I’ve been driving a gremlin or a ford escort from back in the day (which was one my first cars ♥) but now I wanted to // had to move on up… not to a high end luxury car but to very dependable, well made, smooth riding car.

I had heard WoNDeRFuL things about Janome & about this machine specifically.  I researched extensively both locally & online (I mean a lot!!) but most importantly, I tried different machines out

There are lots of other great machines out there.  In fact, I was torn between this and another manufacturer with a very knowledgeable local dealer but for me in came down to fit. 

You know when you test drive cars…maybe you try one maker and then go down the road and try a different maker… you think you have your heart set on a particular make & model & then you drive one and it just feels right?

I drove the Janome & … it felt right.  The machine felt right, the match with the dealer felt right. I purchased from a local dealer – Kelly J Sewing Center & couldn’t have enjoyed the process with Kelly & her team more.  There is a comfort with buying from a dealer.  It IS a bit investment!  Peace of mind is priceless!

I was able to bring it home, remove it from the box and begin sewing with it immediately!  Here is the first creation from this new lovely machine ….

{NORTHERN COTTAGE} custom sunset quiltCustom Reversible Quilts {NORTHERN COTTAGE}

{NORTHERN COTTAGE} custom quilts & mobiles

This quilt was a custom order for a customer looking for a look inspired by ARiZoNa SuNSeT  - I think the chosen fabrics captured that pretty well indeed!  The quilt is going to be used as part of an upcoming Sedona photoshoot (can’t wait to share those pics!!)

The mobile in the second shot was for an entirely different order but sure went hand in hand!!

Custom Mobiles & Garlands {NORTHERN COTTAGE}

I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt (the beauty of the fabrics, the sweet customer it was being created for & the purr of the new machine it was being made on)  I’m pretty grateful!!


I have lots to still learn about my machine… little tricks & tips & muscle memory to make the best use of it.  I love that my dealer offers loads of classes and one-on-one opportunities to ask questions, learn about the machine and explore the possibilities of what lies ahead creatively.  I’ll be sharing all kinds of tips & techniques & lessons learned in the days to come.

In the meantime, feel free to explore the Kelly J Sewing Center site (you can find them on facebook here & pinterest here

Of course, check out the
for custom Quilts & Garlands (where YOU get to CHooSE Colors // Style, etc!) as well as lots of pretty Ready to Ship goodies in the READY TO SHIP //GIFTS section of the shop – check them all out here

I can’t wait to show you what’s next!!

Happy Day to YOU!!

Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. Lucky, Lucky girl! Your new sewing machine sure is a looker!


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