{A Gorgeous Autumn Wedding - Lauren and Ethan}

Today, we’re sharing one of the prettiest weddings yet!!  This couple featured a {NORTHERN COTTAGE Wedding Guestbook Quilt} in their special day...

{the couple}:
meet the bride & groom - Lauren and Ethan:

{the location}:
The wedding was held at the Biltmore Estate // stunning location!!

{the dress}:


{the ceremony}:

{the wedding quilt}:
The bride ordered a custom {WEDDING Guestbook Quilt // Guest Book Alternative Quilt}  to be signed by their beloved guests ♥ and to document some of the special moments of their wedding day – special people in attendance, special songs that were played, advice and love scattered across the squares of this one-of-a-kind Quilt.   We collaborated on selecting the perfect mix of fabrics to blend with the feel and the style and the look she was after for the special day!!

What a gift it is for me to receive the signed quilt squares back to see those thoughts & wishes collected to be made into their cherished wedding quilt!  It is quite a picture of their day with the love evident in those notes!!

One of my favorite things ever is when the bride & groom include notes to each other … wonderful notes from the {bride to the groom} and from the {groom to the bride} capturing some of their thoughts of that day – such sweetness!!

The bride also chose to include the wedding quilt from her parents wedding day in the display (how wonderful is THAT!?) to go along with the signing of their new quilt on this new wedding day.  Perhaps they’ll both be displayed when a new generation ties the knot?!!

{the reception}:
The reception was entirely filled with warmth and beauty!!

happiness captured …

After the wedding, the squares were sent back here to the Northern Cottage to be sewn into their heirloom quilt. Each square was lovingly layered and pinned and quilted and pieced together to form a patchwork that will hold the warmth of that day for this couple for years to come

Here are some additional shots of the completed quilt

This wedding was filled with so many wonderfully warm, thoughtful moments.  I was honored to be a piece of such an amazingly special day with a Northern Cottage Quilt!!

Thank you for sharing your special day with us Lauren and Ethan!!
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{photos used with permission from bride // captured exquisitely by blue bend photography}

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