{New Guestbook Quilts}

Just thought I’d pop in to share a recent Guestbook Quilts // Guest Book Alternative Quilt. 

 {NorthernCottage} Guestbook Quilt Navy[5]

This custom Quilt was so pretty in neutral ivory, cream, white, with hits of gold and navy as chosen by this bride… 

{NorthernCottage} Wedding Quilt[4]

  Wedding Guesbook Quilts can be ordered in two different formats…..you can purchase the Quilt all SEWN up and Done & enjoy it right away!! Or…. the individual squares can be cut & sent for display and then sent back to the NORTHERN COTTAGE to be sewn together into the cherished heirloom.

With either format, we get to collaborate on selecting the perfect fabrics for YOU ToGeTHeR – each becomes a unique blend of colors and textures and tones that speak to the couple, their special day & their home!!

One the big day guests get to leave special lovenotes ♥ or little tips for the happy couple – so sweet!

{NorthernCottage} Fancy Wedding Quilt[5]

I’ve shared a pic of this one before but it is one of my favorites still (& probably always)!!

Gorgeous Wedding Guestbook Quilt{NorthernCottage} _thumb

The treasured quilts are fully intended to be well used & well loved!!  ♥  Ready for snuggling!!

Jump on over to the NORTHERN COTTAGE SHOP to explore & feel free to convo from there with any questions or ideas for a custom quilt!!

Chat soon ♥ -


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