How to Install Snaps & a Fabric Giveaway!!

So I’ve been whipping up LOTS of bibs for the shop -  they’re so stinkin cute.  When my kiddos were babies, I had them wearing bibs all the time to catch messy meals (remember smashed peas – yuck!! or the yummy peach blend?)  mmmmm…… plus my kids (like most I think) were prolific droolers.  So the bibs were an immense help to catch all that dribble & keep their shirt front dry & comfy.  But…..way back in those days (boy that makes me sound sooo old) – they didn’t have CUTE bibs like now….  cute handcrafted bibs with ruffles and stitching and now there are bandana bibs for extra style.  I think especially cute on boys!

Here are a few examples of the bibs I’ve created recently….
 lhp bibsruffle bib

I created these bibs using the darling prints from the Little House on the Prairie line from Andover Fabrics.  Were you as big a fan of the show growing up as I was?  I adored the whole family but felt a special bond with Mary & Ma.  I had a teeny crush on Charles and then Manly (tee hee!)  Another confession … when hubby & I were first married and on a very tight budget, we of course, didn’t have cable (& there was no such thing as satellite tv yet), we used to come home from work, make dinner together and then watch Little House & then Star Trek the Next Generation.  Good times // good memories, I’m tellin ya!!  ♥ 

I had bibs on my design to do list for the shop for a long time but I hated bibs with velco and …… I was scared of snaps…there I admit it…snaps were scary.  I didn’t want to go through all the work of creating the bib (cutting, sewing turning, embellishing, top stitching) to then put in a snap and have it off center or not installed correctly.  But I decided to face my fears. 

So I figured if it intimidated me maybe there were others who I could help face their snap fears too.  So here is a little run down of tricks and tips that I’ve learned as I’ve mastered the snap installment process. 

{NorthernCottage} 209

Here are the tools I use to install my metal snaps (yep pretty simple right?)  Yes, my hammer IS decorated with washi tape because I’m a crafty nerd!  A hammer, metal snaps (I use size 16) and a wooden spool

{NorthernCottage} 195

You take your snap top (the one with the prongs and put in on the back of the fabric & push it through until you see those prongs sticking out of the front of the fabric (some people use an eraser on the end of a pencil to help poke it through but I just use my fingers working the fabric up to the top)

{NorthernCottage} 196{NorthernCottage} 197

then you take your top with the nub sticking up & center it over those prongs

{NorthernCottage} 198

then take your spool and carefully center over the snap

{NorthernCottage} 199{NorthernCottage} 200

and give it a few hits of the hammer until it is set in place – oh satisfying!!  Tip – use a cutting board on a firm surface to do your pounding so you don’t take a chance of hurting your table/workspace.

{NorthernCottage} 201

Now we’re going to do the same process with the other end of the snap.  This time we put the pronged piece on the back of the fabric and the connector below on the top (so that when you snap the two together the fabric overlaps).  Use the same process of pushing the prong piece up to through the fabric and this time place the snap connect with the part that sticks out toward the prongs

{NorthernCottage} 202

See here how this little donut piece has the center ring that is raised up – that will go in toward the prongs. 

{NorthernCottage} 203

Carefully center this over the prongs, cover with the spoon and whack it with the hammer a few times

{NorthernCottage} 204

I’d suggest always doing a trial run with some fabric scraps from your project (so you have the same thickness) & so you can visualize how the snaps will come together before you install on your actual sewn project – wouldn’t that be the worst to have the snaps not in correctly after your project is all sewn & ready?

{NorthernCottage} 205

Look at that cute Little House on the Prairie fabric?  Isn’t it darling?

{NorthernCottage} 206

a ruffle bib

Here are some of those {DaRLiNG BiBS} available in the Shop:

lace bib

 a swirl of bibs

Now there’s no reason to be scared of an itty bitty snap, is there??   You can do it!

You can enter to WIN a Little House on the Prairie Andover Giveaway Pack (valued at $380) // enter HERE

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Have fun!!!  Be sure to go check out the full line of Little House on the Prairie fabrics by Andover.  You can find it in STORES HERE

This was not a paid post; however I did receive a few bits of pretty fabric to review.  All opinions are my own.

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